Adapted for the Stage by Dan Giovannoni &Luke Kerridge
from Bambert’s Buch der verschollenen Geschicten by Reinhardt Jung

Bambert’s Book Of Lost Stories

Will his stories ever find a home?

This is the story of Bambert – an impossibly small man with an enormous love for writing. Tucked away in his quiet attic, his only companions are the characters he has created in his stories. And then one day, Bambert decides to set his stories free, to send them out into the world on little balloons, in the hope that they will find a home. The stories contain instructions: whoever finds them is to return them to Bambert with a stamp from wherever they landed, so he knows where they should be set. But as each day passes, and no stories return, Bambert’s hope begins to fade.

Adapter Dan Giovannoni
Director & Adapter Luke Kerridge
Production Designer Jonathon Oxlade
Lighting Designer Chris Donnelly
Composer/ Sound Designer Ian Moorhead
Dramaturg Matt Edgerton

Wheat flour is used in this production
Loud noises
Haze and atmospherics

Suitable for Ages 8+