Native Flora and Fauna


Karratha and the West Pilbara Coast are inhabited by an incredibly diverse array of native animals, plants, marine life and wildflowers. The landscape varies dramatically from rugged rocky, spinifex plains to stunning secluded emerald pools and waterfalls with an abundance of wildlife endemic to the area spread across our vast region.

 Aboriginal References

The Juluwarlu Group Aboriginal Corporation has published several books recording the animals and plants of WA’s West Pilbara Coast. The book ‘Wanggalili’ provides descriptions and photographs of the unique Yindjibarndi and Ngarluma plants of the Pilbara. Pictures of each species are accompanied by their names given in Yindjibarndi, Ngarluma and English, as well as the scientific Latin names.

‘Garruragan’ is a publication focusing on Yindjibarndi fauna, describing and telling stories about animals in the Pilbara region in both Yindjibarndi and English, including their zoological names. It provides a fascinating insight into how local Aboriginal groups hunt and prepare animals to eat, as well as the cultural significance of local fauna. For more information, or to order these books online, visit the Juluwarlu website or contact the Karratha Visitor Centre for more information.

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