Kite Boarding

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An adventurous water sport in which the wind powers a parachute like kite to pull a rider who stands on a board as they glide through the water. There is so much to explore when you are kiteboarding, you can either go fast or cruise along, do jumps and tricks or ride a wave.

Some popular spots for the sport within the beautiful surroundings of the Pilbara region include

Hampton Harbour – Dampier

Hearsons Cove – Burrup Peninsula

Settlers Beach – Cossack


Interested in learning to kite? Karratha Kite School offers a range of lessons from beginner to advanced. They have great teaching locations and use only new kiteboarding equipment known to be good for teaching and learning. Customers are taught in a progressive, efficient lesson structure to ensure they get the maximum enjoyment out of the sport. Their goal is to share their passion for kiteboarding, ensuring their students have an enjoyable experience and go on to become independent kiteboarders. All lessons are private – one instructor to one student and are individualised for each customer.




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Phone: 0455309951 or 0456772477
Email: contact@karrathakite.com
Web: www.karrathakite.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Karrathakite/ 






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