Rio Tinto Rail Access Roads



The Rio Tinto Rail Access Roads between Dampier / Tom Price and Cape Lambert / Pannawonica were built to provide maintenance access to their railway, and include more than 1400km of gravel road running throughout the Pilbara. Everybody travelling on these roads must obtain a 30 day permit, which is available from the Karratha Visitor CentreRoebourne Visitor CentreTom Price Visitor Centre and the Pannawonica Library.

The Rio Tinto Rail Permit can also be obtained online via the Rio Tinto Website. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the option that says ‘Complete rail access road permit training’.

The current road conditions can be found below.

Safety Information

The user/s acknowledge that they utilise the Rio Tinto Access Road(s) at their own risk and as consideration for being permitted to use the road, agree to indemnify Rio Tinto and its employees against loss or damage which may be suffered as a result. This authority is conditional upon observance of the Road Traffic Act of WA, Statutory Speed Limits and all warning signs that may be displayed. This road is part of a work site and heavy equipment and vehicles operate on it and must be given right of way at all times. Vigilance must be maintained for obstructions and prevailing road conditions.

Persons travelling on the access roads need to be aware of the following:
1. The road is part of a mining lease, consequently no alcohol may be taken onto the road at any time.
2. Driver/s must be prepared to meet heavy railway maintenance vehicles at all times.
3. Rio Tinto may request you to stop and submit to a random breath test at any times whilst travelling along the Access Road.
4. Sections of the road have steep grades and sharp curves. SLOW speed is strongly advised.
5. In heavy rain, many sections of this maintenance road are dangerous or impassable due to flash flooding or washouts. Check that the road is open prior to commencing journey, particularly after rains.
6. User/s of the road are required to slow down when passing men or equipment anywhere along the road or railway line.
7. Where the road crosses the railway line, vehicles are required to stop to check that the line is clear and give way to all rail traffic.
8. For heavy and over gauge loads, piloting is required.
9. Headlights must be switched on whilst travelling on the Access Road.

The road is patrolled by company security officers and their instructions must be obeyed. Rio Tinto monitors vehicle speed by random radar check. Drivers infringing will have their authority withdrawn.

Tips for Road Users

1. Always ensure that your vehicle is reliable, including tyres and spares.
2. Always carry sufficient food and water for at least 48 hours in case of a breakdown or stranding.
3. Avoid travelling during the wet season as it is possible to be stranded between flooded waterways for several days.
4. Always travel at a safe speed because assistance may be a long time reaching any injured person.

Current Road Conditions

Issued at 1300 hours Tuesday 20th November 2018:

TomPrice Rail Access Road (153 – 259 km)
Roebourne – Wittenoom Rd to Nanutarra – Munjina Rd
OPEN to all vehicles

The Tom Price Road is in fair condition with no issue of concern.


 Deepdale Rail Access Road (10 – 184km) 

Wickham  to  Pannawonica
OPEN to 4WD & Trucks

The Deepdale Road is in Fair condition with minor areas or corrugation.


 **Check Shire & Main Roads reports to see if the alternative routes are open.

Other Roads Information:

MRWA & Shire Roads reports shoulalsbchecked ipart oyour journey involves theiuse.
MRWA general: Infoline 138 138 (all hours), 
MRWA Pilbara Region: 9172 8877 (office hours only) or visit  https://www.mainroads.wa.gov.au/Pages/Pilbara-Alerts.aspx
City of Karratha: 9186 8555 (office hours only) or visit  http://www.karratha.wa.gov.au 
Shire of Ashburton: 188 4444(office hours only) or visit http://www.ashburton.wa.gov.au/services/road-report/
Brockman Mines Access: 9188 6000 (for mines business only)

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