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As a member based organisation the Karratha Visitor Centre is constantly looking at ways to not only promote your business but help it thrive. Please see our Membership Prospectus to see what level will work for your business. Alternatively you contact our KVC General Manager Anouska Angove. 

Contact: manager@karrathavisitorcentre.com.au Phone: 9144 4600

Please see our tips to help you get the most out of your membership!

1. Make contact! Give us a call or make an appointment to come and see us. We can show you how we currently display your business information and we can make suggestions on how you can improve your exposure.

2.Show us around! Make a time we can visit your business and experience what you do first hand. We are able to sell products better when we have all the information.

3.Press send! Take that extra 5 minutes to send us your deals, events, promotional items so we can display them instore and on sell them to your future customers.


Memberships are a Partnership

You do not join the gym and expect them make you fit, you put the effort in to get the most out of your membership.

Follow these steps and we can work together as a team to promote Tourism in the Pilbara.


If you would like to become a new member, or renew your membership please fill out the membership application or fill in the below form and you will recieve a invoice for the membership level chosen.

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