Bird Watching


The Pilbara Coast around Karratha has extensive areas of mangroves and mudflats that are ideal habitats for many birds, as they also lie adjacent to grassland, small shrubs and rocky outcrops.

Anywhere coastal or around mangroves is a profitable bird watching location, however Back Beach in Karratha is an easily accessible spot that all the above birds have been seen at. Either side of Mystery road is grasslands and shrubs with rocky hills in the distance and is worth a look. From the boat ramp you can walk or drive, albeit on undulating but accessible tracks further east along the coast. When the tide is out a wide expanse of mudflats are used by many waders but you need to squelch your way across the mud to get close! As you go further east an extensive and presumably ancient forest of very large mangrove trees fringe the coast. Behind the large mangroves is a large estuary of smaller mangroves and open mud and sand flats which is flooded regularly on the King Tides.

Most of the common migratory waders can be seen foraging on the mudflats during the low tide and among the mangroves. White-bellied Sea eagles, Brahminy Kites and Nankeen Kestrels can be seen practically every day as are Great, Eastern Reef and Little Egrets. Mobs of Little Corella‚Äôs are seen all around Karratha. 

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