Ancient Aboriginal Heritage


Karratha and the West Pilbara Coast of WA have a fascinating Aboriginal history and cultural heritage. Home to the Ngarluma and Yinidbarndi people for many generations, the locals acknowledge them as the region’s traditional landowners. Millstream-Chichester National Park, the Jaburara Heritage Trail, Deep Gorge and the Burrup Peninsula are fascinating places to discover the Aboriginal history of Karratha and WA’s West Pilbara Coast. Over 40,000 rock engravings (petroglyphs) can be viewed in the region, many of which are located on the Burrup Peninsula. Recognised as one of the most prolific Aboriginal rock art sites in the world, the peninsula was listed by the Heritage Council of WA in July 2007.

Despite their tragic past, the Aboriginal people of Karratha and WA’s West Pilbara Coast are re-establishing their cultural and traditional links and building a positive future for their people. Many books have been written by local Aboriginal groups about their history and culture. The Juluwarlu Foundation has produced books and DVDs about the Yindibarndi people such as ‘Exile and the Kingdom’, also available from the Karratha Visitor Centre.

Today, Aboriginal artists from the West Pilbara Coast of WA have become recognised nationally and internationally. Local art works are available for purchase at many outlets, including the Karratha Visitor Centre.

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