The humpback whale is a vulnerable species, which has been protected from whaling in the southern hemisphere since 1963. The Western Australian population is currently estimated at 15,000. The fifth largest of the great whales adult females grow to 19 metres, slightly longer than adult males. A mature humpback can weigh up to 40 tonnes! In late April/ early May, the humpback whales begin to migrate north towards their tropical calving grounds along the West and East coasts of Australia. Early winter is the first opportunity to see migrating humpback whales on the Pilbara Coast. Around August, they begin travelling south to their feeding grounds in the polar waters of the Antarctic. Whales are intelligent, sensitive mammals and specific rules are in place to encourage enjoyable and safe whale watching from boats, while at the same time protecting these magnificent creatures.

The West Pilbara Coast of Western Australia is an ideal place to observe these amazing creatures in their natural habitat. Many of the region’s beaches and islands are protected, making it the ideal environment for migrating whales and breeding turtles. Contact Discovery Cruising on +61 418 801 040 to discuss a whale watching tour.

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