Marine turtles have survived in the world’s oceans for more than 100 million years. Four of the world’s seven species of marine turtles – flatback, green, hawksbill and loggerhead  –  are regularly seen in the waters off the Pilbara Coast and all four are listed as threatened species. Marine turtles can be seen in Pilbara coastal waters all year round. In the Pilbara, mating occurs between September and January. Turtles gather in shallow water and rest at the water’s edge – it is critical they are not disrupted. Between October and February, female turtles nest on local beaches (usually at night) and hatching normally occurs between December and April. It is important to minimise your impact on turtles: avoid using torches and camera flashes; if you see a turtle, stop and wait for them to move on; keep away while they establish their nest; always remain behind the turtle, staying low; and allow hatchlings to make their own way to the water.

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