The Pilbara is home to a diversity of species, the most common of which is the Euro (a short, stocky kangaroo) and the iconic Red Kangaroo. The Pilbara is home to some of Australia’s most dangerous snake species, so make sure due care is taken when walking through the rugged landscape. At Millstream Chichester National Park, black flying foxes are easily seen and a variety of birds can be spotted during the cooler hours of the day, especially near the water’s edge. A total of 14 species of dragonfly and damselfly have also been recorded in the park’s wetland areas.

Another animal to keep your eye out for is the large Bungarra, often seen by the side of the road or sometimes crossing it. Bungarra is the Aboriginal name for sand monitor, the most common species of the goanna family. It is considered to be the tastiest local bush tucker and requires speed and great skill for the barefoot Aboriginal hunter to track and catch the Bungarra in the spinifex.

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