Standup Paddleboarding (SUP)

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The Dampier Archipelago is a chain of 42 islands, islets, rocky headlands and coral reefs. Beaches are unique and pristine and easily accessible for all vehicles. Rocky outcrops leading down to white sandy beaches and turquoise waters.

The region has spectacular wildlife with a marine ecosystem on par with the Great Barrier and Ningaloo reefs. Mangrove creeks throughout the area also creates a breeding ground for many species of wildlife. The abundant marine life then filters into the bays and coves on high tide. Perfect for spotting from your SUP. Expect to see turtles, rays, fish and dolphins.

The area is effected by large tides and sessional winds. Tides can range from 0.5m to 5m throughout the year. Winds are predominately blowing from the East in the months from May to August and Westerly sea breeze over the summer months. The area is also effected by cyclones October to May.

  Popular locations to SUP include
Dampier foreshore
Hearson’s Cove
Withnell bay
Miaree Pool
Wickham boat beach
Honeymoon cove in Point Sampson.  

 Interested in learning to SUP? Cracker Jack Paddle sports aims to provide the highest quality in water sports instruction to the Pilbara.

A diverse company that is not only able to deliver outdoor recreation to the community but also provide a unique tourism opportunities to people visiting the Pilbara. Cracker Jack is a Surfing Australia affiliated school which means they provide the highest quality of instruction but that they are also insured and backed a leading national sports body. They pride ourselves on their ability to keep people safe on the water and provide them with the opportunity to get involved in the sporting phenomenon of SUP.


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Bookings are essential, phone Cracker Jack on 0432 554 635 



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