Yaburara Heritage Trail


The Yaburara Heritage Trail, named in memory of the Yaburara people who once inhabited the nearby Burrup Peninsula, is a 3.5km recreational walking trail in the Karratha Hills, that highlights the districts geology, flora, fauna and cultural heritage. The trail provides panoramic views of Karratha, spinifex covered hills and features a number of significant indigenous sites, including rock engravings.

The trail commences from the water tanks located above the Karratha Visitor Centre and ends at the Karratha Leisureplex, on the Dampier Highway. There are a number of lookouts that provide fantastic views over the local area. There are also two short branch trails and three longer branch trails (a secondary Aboriginal trail around the base of the hills), a recreational trail following the ridge top and a nature trail along two major valleys.

This trail is recommended for reasonably fit and able bodied persons only. It is essential that you take plenty of water  (no water supplies are provided along the trail) and wear sturdy, comfortable footwear.  If your wishing to attempt the walk during the day please be cautious of the sun and the heat. Please carry any litter with you as rubbish bins aren’t provided along the trail.

Please be aware that the trail does not return to the starting point, trail users are advised to arrange transportation at the end of the trail. Keep an eye out for wildlife on the trail and be cautious if you come across snakes, goanna’s etc. Under the Aboriginal Heritage Act it is an offence to damage or alter any Aboriginal site or remove any Aboriginal object from a site.

Allow 2 – 3 hours to enjoy the full trail at a leisurely pace.

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