Ningaloo Whaleshark Swim

Details & Facilities

Check In: 16:00 | Check Out: 09:00 Hours: 9.00-17.30

Choose us to swim with a whaleshark for loooonnnnnnngggggerrrr! Our own spotter plane finds you your own whale shark to swim with. So what? The monthly reports by the government unit monitoring the whaleshark industry confirm our guests swim with a whale shark for 50% longer than guests on an average tour. Why? Most whaleshark tours share a spotter plane between two or more boats. Guests on whaleshark tours sharing a spotter plane regularly have to wait in a line of boats for their turn to swim with a whale shark, and then have to get out to let customers on the next boat have a go. NOT with us! If swimming with a whaleshark is why you came to Exmouth, then come with us to get to swim one for longer. Join the only whaleshark tour that has been awarded the prestigious Gold Medal for Best Adventue Tour in WA for a wonder-filled day cruising the World-Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef. (Certificates of Excellence from Trip Adivsor for 2015, 2016, 2017 too!) Our tour includes two free snorkels on the Ningaloo Reef for all onboard, and also free snorkeling with manta rays we encounter during our tour as the opportunity arises. (Coral Bay tours charge for this.) (We also offer the cheapest prices for Observers accompanying Swimmers too!) Each swimmer gets to select the best photo taken by our onboard photographer to take away with you for free too - perfect for Facebookers, Instas and emailing to friends, family and colleagues too! We are also the only whaleshark tour company to offer SCUBA dives on the Ningaloo Reef during your tour too - its a simple, easy fun-dive on the coral gardens of the inner Ningaloo Reef (5-7m of water). Stunning corals and amazingly diverse sealife await (from huge shovel nosed rays to tiny nudibranches). Our Industry Leading Whaleshark and Whale Swim Guarantees absolutely maximise your chance of swimming with a whaleshark during your stay at no extra cost. Check out our website at www.ningaloowhaleshar


Our crew aims to give each and every one of our customers one of the best tours they have ever been on. Each tour, every passenger. And we keep a close eye on feedback to make sure we don't just say it, it happens. Our Five Star Trip Advisor rating, and Certificates of Excellence from Trip Advisor annually since 2013, confirms we are amongst the very best at what we do. Finding a whaleshark or humpback whale or manta ray to swim with is something we are experts at,.. but there is so much more our friendly, caring and professional crew want to share with you. Watch the awesome surface displays of 20,000 migrating humpback whales (in season), spinner dolphins, turtles, dugongs and so much more - we never know what opportunities Mother Nature will offer, but we will be doing our very best to take advantage of the very best of these to showcase the Ningaloo to you.

Map & Directions


Ningaloo Whaleshark Swim is on the strip of shops at the top of the main town mall, just to the right of Froth Brewery. Drop in and browse our Wall of Life Photo Gallery, whaleshark bathers and clothing, funky giftware and so much more too!


Advanced Eco Tourism Certification Previous winner Best Adventure Tour in Western Australia at the WA Tourism Awards. Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor 2014,15,16.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations of your tour more than 2 weeks before departure date incurs a $20 cancellation fee. Cancellations between 3 and 14 days before the date of departure of your tour will incur a 50% cancellation fee. There are no refunds if you cancel your tour less than 72 hours before departure or fail to join your tour at the agreed location.

WHO CAN BOOK - CERTIFIED DIVERS :- 1. Must present a valid Certificate card when booking.

Must provide proof of diving within the last 12 months or have more than 20 logged dives

Anyone who does not comply with the above must complete a refresher dive.

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